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Synthetic Vs Conventional Oil

If you own a car, then you may have come across synthetic oil and conventional oil during your routine oil change. The use of synthetic and conventional oils has been a favorite subject of debate among car enthusiasts. Choosing the right oil for your vehicle is crucial to ensure that your car is receiving the […]

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Why Does My Car Shake?

It is normal for our car to slightly shake when you are turning the engine on. Then a smooth riding experience should follow after it. However, if the shaking continues and becomes even more noticeable like you are on a roller coaster ride, then this is a different case. It could be a warning sign […]

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Wheel Bearing Warning Signs

Every part of your car is important — especially its wheels. The wheels of your car are responsible for bringing you from one place to another. You need your wheels to be sturdy and in good condition to make the travel safe and comfortable. However, there are a lot of factors that can affect the […]

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Michigan Auto Tire

Tire and Oil Change Assistance

The Undeniable Value of Taking Care of Your Vehicle Driving a vehicle is a privilege, not a right. That’s the reason that vehicle owners need to do everything they can to prioritize safe and efficient driving practices day in and day out. If you want to keep your vehicle safe and strong, then you need […]

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