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    Description of Belts & Hoses

    The belts and hoses of your vehicle are involved in processes within the refrigeration system, air conditioning system, charging system, and engine. These belts and hoses play crucial roles within your vehicle in functional operations. The heater hose and radiator hose carries a liquid coolant to and from the core of the motor, radiator, and heater. The timing belt is responsible for maintaining engine precision by synchronizing crankshaft and camshaft rotation, which shifts valves and pistons on the engine. Not all vehicles, however, have timing belts. Many cars use timing chains, instead of timing belts. The serpentine belt on the outside of the engine transmits power from the front of the engine to other vehicle systems, such as the air-conditioning system and the charging system. Some factors that lead to wear and tear on the belts and hoses include age of the vehicle, mileage, belt stress, failure of the hose lock, electrochemical deterioration and contamination of the oil. In the long run, routine maintenance and replacements of your vehicle’s belts and hoses will prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.

    Benefits of Belts & Hoses

    The belts and hoses have one of the shortest life spans relative to other parts in your vehicle. Such products are subjected to excessive engine heat, vehicle vibrations and toxic chemicals, all of which have the ability to cause cracks and leaks. For belts and hoses near failure, some of the symptoms to be aware of include squeaking, screeching, or grinding noises that begin when your engine is started or occur during vehicle service. It is worth noting that grinding sounds near belts are generally associated with a bad bearing of the pulley rather than the belt itself, as the bearing of the pulley will freeze and eventually lead to a replacement of the belt. Many signs of a bad belt or hose include power loss, leakage of coolant or other fluids, illuminated dashboard lights, rising vapor from the engine and failure of air conditioning. Although routine belt and hose maintenance is always necessary, summertime is an especially important season to keep an eye under the hood due to higher temperatures, which will accelerate the deterioration of the rubber portion. Since the belts and hoses can be difficult to visually inspect, be sure to follow the instructions for scheduled maintenance from your supplier.

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