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    Lube, Filter & Oil Change in Woodbridge VA

    One of many preventive maintenance services that help encourage optimum vehicle efficiency while improving your vehicle’s life is an oil change and filter replacement. Oil is responsible for lubricating the working components within the engine of your vehicle while decreasing the amount of friction between them. Because the engine generates a large amount of heat, oil serves as a cooling agent as it circulates through the engine. Oil also absorbs and guides other hazardous particles produced during the combustion process to the oil filter, which filters out the debris and pollutants for clear, free-flowing oil. Together the oil and oil filter keeps the engine of your vehicle running at maximum efficiency levels. We must replace the old oil of your engine with new oil during an oil shift, and replace the oil filter. We’ll also lubricate the vehicle’s chassis components according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our workers will ensure your engine oil is clean and the working parts of your engine are properly lubricated at the end of every change of lube, oil and filter.

    Benefits of Lube, Filter & Oil Change

    When oil is contaminated with pollutants over time, residual particles in the engine are left behind, where they can form deposits and cause substantial damage to the engine. Oversaturated oil loses its lubrication, leading to engine overworking, excess heat and engine failure. Excessive heat can also cause a thermal breakdown in your engine oil, causing a change in the viscosity of the oil and resulting in a reduced flow of oil. Likewise, dirty oil flows more slowly, forcing the engine to operate harder, resulting in increased wear on the engine.

    Michigan Auto and Tire proudly serves the Lube, Filter & Oil Change needs of customers in Woodbridge, VA, Dumfries, VA, Lakeridge, VA, and surrounding areas.

    Areas Served: Woodbridge, VA, Dumfries, VA, Lakeridge, VA and surrounding areas.