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    Description of Electrical and Electronic Systems

    To control the actions of other devices, the electrical and electronic devices in your vehicle are responsible for routing power and information. Cabling, fuses, circuit breakers, and relays connect the electrical systems. Loose or faulty wiring, poor pin fits, and faulty connectors or switches can result in unreliable power or a device that is fully inoperable. When you start having problems with your electrical and electronic systems, ask yourself these questions: How frequently does this problem happen, and how long does this problem persist? The more detail you can provide our workers during a service for electrical and electronic systems, the quicker we will be able to replicate the same conditions and eventually hone in on the exact problem.

    Benefits of Electrical and Electronic Systems

    If your vehicle is experiencing a malfunction of electrical or electronic components, it is helpful to have the problem quickly fixed. A vehicle may not start with electrical problems, or may become inoperative. During a service to electrical and electronic systems our experts are able to diagnose and repair problems. We can find holes, land, open and resistance problems in electrical and electronic circuits, and fix cable harnesses and connectors along with electrical wiring and solder fix. Our workers may also identify the cause of irregular headlight brightness, intermittent lighting, dim lighting, and inoperative lighting. We may also repair headlights and lamps, as well as correct the erratic turning signal and the function of danger light. Motor-driven adapter circuits, heated glass operation, and operation of electric locks are all issues for our staff as we begin to diagnose the electrical and electronic problem. Our workers will finally work hard to get you to drive a healthy and working vehicle again.

    Michigan Auto and Tire proudly serves the Electrical and Electronic Systems needs of customers in Woodbridge, VA, Dumfries, VA, Lakeridge, VA, and surrounding areas.

    Areas Served: Woodbridge, VA, Dumfries, VA, Lakeridge, VA and surrounding areas.