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What You Need To Know About Automatic Transmission

You love how your car can get you to beautiful places near and far. It makes your traveling a lot more comfortable and convenient. In most cases, people are not so concerned with the mechanical structure of a car. As long as it can get them to places, a car is just a means of easy transportation. However, if you want to know more about your car, especially before purchasing a new one, you may want to know about your car’s type of transmission.

What is the car’s transmission?

For a car to move you to places, it needs to have a working transmission. A car’s transmission allows it to change gears, which transfers power from its engine to the drive axle in the most effective way you can imagine. It is possible by varying the gear ratio. In lower gear, it reduces speed while increasing the available power of the car. With higher gears, it increases the speed and reduces the power. As a result, it allows the car to distribute power and speed efficiently in certain circumstances.

Transmission is important for cars for it to work and run efficiently. However, while everyone agrees that a car’s transmission is essential, there is a constant debate on what kind of transmission is better. Is automatic transmission or manual better? Both types of transmission have their unique pros and cons. Some people may also find manual transmission a lifesaver during a certain situation, but it may be useless in other situations. While people are torn between a manual transmission and an automatic one, let us discuss everything you need to know about automatic transmission.

Automatic transmission

In retrospect, an automatic transmission can be simple – like drive and go. However, with automotive, everything can be complex but may look completely easy at first glance. A car’s engine contains a heavy central crankshaft cylinder, which spins, providing power to turn the wheels. Typically, a car engine can make the most of their power but within a narrow range of speeds. When driving a car, it will require a wider range of speed. This is where the transmission can help by providing a vital link by increasing torque to accelerate away or prevent the engine from getting too worked up when running along the highway.

Automatic transmission, like what its name implies, it uses sensors to determine when it will shift gears automatically. The entire operation may seem simple but it can be complicated. However, everything becomes easier due to key components that make the automatic transmission – torque converter and planetary gear sets. On a manual transmission, shifting gear requires the driver to push on the clutch pedal but with automatic transmission, it’s handled by a torque converter.

Cars with automatic transmission are easier to use. Shifting gears and working on a clutch can take a bit of practice from a driver before they can get comfortable with it but with automatic transmission, no need to worry about those functions anymore.