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Summer is a Good Time For Tire Replacement

The summer season has already begun! With so many activities to take part in, it may be a good idea to check out your tires. The last thing you want is a flat tire while on a road trip. If your car isn’t in optimal condition, summer trips can cause significant damage to your car. 

Here are some reasons to get your tires changed before heading off on that summer road trip:

  • Winter tires do not last in warmer temperatures

Winter tires are created for harsh and cold weather. They provide maximum grip in the snow but don’t provide great support in warmer weather. The hot summer pavement will harm the rubber compound of the winter tire.  Winter tires wear a lot faster when the temperature reaches over 44 degrees fahrenheit. 

  • Better performance

Summer means more road trips and also means that your car’s tires should be able to provide a good grip on and maximum braking capabilities on both in dry and wet conditions, which winter tires cannot offer. Winter tires work best on ice and snow, not on dust and rain. So if you are still using winter tires for your car, you may want to consider getting a tire replacement before you venture off on a summer road trip. 

  • Save money

Using car tires that are unfit for the season will promote wear and tear and reduce its lifespan which can result in costly repairs. Undergoing a tire replacement for the summer will help extend the life expectancy of your tires and save you money in the long run. 

  • Comfortable ride

Driving down long roads with the wrong tires for your car is incredibly unsafe. Changing your winter tires out for summer or all-season tires will provide better car handling and a quicker response time. You will be able to easily maneuver your car whenever you need to without resistance. With your new tires, your road trip will be more comfortable and a lot smoother. 

  • Safety 

Safety is the main reason why summer is a good time to consider getting a tire replacement. Winter tires have more sipes and tread blocks compared to summer and all-season tires. These can hinder your car’s braking capabilities, making it more dangerous whenever there are roadblocks or collisions. 

Finally, before your dream summer road trip arrives, invest in a good and fitting car tire to make your journey comfortable and safe. Choosing the right tire for your car may be overwhelming and if you are not sure which is the right option, get help from a professional mechanic. They are experienced in determining the right tire for your needs. They can also help you check other systems of your car such as the brakes, battery, and fluids, making your vehicle ready for your summer getaway. 

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