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    Description of Exhaust System Repair

    The exhaust system is located on the underside of the vehicle and is responsible for capturing and steering toxic emissions away from the vehicle, reducing the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere and decreasing the noise and force exhaust from the engine. The exhaust system consists of tubing and pipes designed to streamline vehicle service while optimizing engine efficiency and output. Motors produce dangerous gases as a by-product of the combustion cycle. The exhaust manifold collects engine emissions and funnels the gases to the catalytic converter through the front pipe. The converter converts these hazardous gasses into less dangerous ones, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide, such as oxygen, ammonia, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. The muffler assists in canceling the noise the engine makes. Air waves are dissipated by the muffler when the tailpipe releases the transferred gases into the atmosphere.

    Benefits of Exhaust System Repair

    The exhaust system will affect both the efficiency of your vehicle as well as your driving capacity, depending on the issue. For these reasons, keeping the maintenance intervals on your exhaust system current is critical. When you hear very loud noises during the acceleration, a repair service or inspection might be imminent. Those noises may be a sign of holes or cracks in the exhaust system elsewhere. Rattling noises may be a symptom of failed or damaged hangers when starting the vehicle or constant idling. If you feel drowsiness when driving, it can be a dangerous indication that fumes leak through the vents and into the interior of the car. Sharp odors are signs of noxious gases escaping into the engine, too. Corrosion indicates signs of rust or cracks within any part of your exhaust system. If you have any of these signs, you bring your car to a mechanic sooner rather than later. Maintaining daily exhaust system services can help keep all of your exhaust components functioning properly, such as the exhaust manifold, front pipe, downpipe, catalytic converter, and muffler. Routine maintenance will prevent you from having to rebuild the entire exhaust system down the road.

    Michigan Auto and Tire proudly serves the Exhaust System Repair needs of customers in Woodbridge, VA, Dumfries, VA, Lakeridge, VA, and surrounding areas.

    Areas Served: Woodbridge, VA, Dumfries, VA, Lakeridge, VA and surrounding areas.