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Is Your Car Ready For Summer Travel?

Summer is finally here! There is something about the summer season that makes us all so happy. Probably because school is over or perhaps because it signifies the start of vacation and the plan of many road trips with family and friends.

Which place do you want to visit first? The white, sandy beach in the next town? Camping and stargazing with friends? But before you hop on your car and hit the road with so much pleasure, is your car ready for the summer travel? If not, then the 6 tips below will surely get your car summer ready.

Oil Change
A new set of fresh oil keeps your engine clean. The longer you drive your car the more dirt and debris gets trapped in the system making it work harder which can decrease the life of your engine. Get an oil change before you hit the road.

Check your tires and tire pressure

Your car’s tire is responsible for bringing you to your destination safe and sound. Check if it is inflated properly. To check the condition of your tire tread, insert a quarter into the grooves. It is best to change your tire for a new one if you can see the top of George Washington’s head. You can also consider using wider wheels and tires intended for summer for maximum comfort while driving.

Examine the car’s brakes

To check the condition of your car’s brakes, listen to the sound it makes as you apply the brakes. If you hear a rumbling or grinding sound along with a vibration, then it is time to have it inspected by a professional auto mechanic.

Check the fluids

When it comes to vehicle fluids, this includes engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze, windshield washer, radiator fluid and brake fluid. Make sure your fluids are clean and top them off before embarking on a road trip. Bring extra bottles for each type of fluid too just in case.

Test the A/C

Your car’s A/C is crucial during the summer season. As much as you love the sun’s warmth, this wouldn’t be the case if you are inside your car for a long period of time driving. Your A/C will cool down the temperature inside your car and make your travel more comfortable. Check you’re A/C and see if it is summer ready. Listen to the sound it makes. If you hear any strange noise or smell foul odor coming from it, bring it to an auto repair shop for an inspection.

Have your emergency kit ready

A smart traveler should always bring an emergency kit with him wherever he may go. Your travel emergency kit should include the following:

Extra batteries

First-aid kit

Drinking water

Non-perishable snack

Car battery jumper cables

Emergency flares or reflectors

Fix-a-flat tire repair sealant


Road maps

Basic tool kit and others