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Car CO2 Emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) occurs in the atmosphere naturally. It is produced when dead animals and organisms decompose. It is also an important part of the plant’s photosynthesis. However, CO2 becomes a threat when its level increases in the atmosphere. According to the EPA in 2017, transportation was the largest contributor to greenhouse emissions in the United States with about 28.9% emissions. And this percentage is said to increase as the years go by. The majority of the emissions is from CO2 which is a byproduct of the combustion of gasoline and the car’s engine.

The CO2 emissions from cars greatly contribute to the greenhouse effect as well as climate change. It creates ground-level ozone by trapping radiation from the sun at ground level. This reduces the earth’s capacity to cool down at night. As a result, the ocean waters warm up drastically and increase the level of ocean water by melting the glacial ice in the Arctic regions.

Moreover, CO2 emissions from cars also pose a threat to the health of the people. As the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere increases it affects people’s health more and more. People start complaining about headaches and respiratory problems. Other health complications brought on by CO2 emissions from cars include respiratory illnesses, allergies, and asthma attacks.

How important is a vehicle emission test?
An emission test is required by every state in the country. However, there are some states that only require emission tests in urban areas or in places with high population densities as they are more susceptible to carbon dioxide emissions. This test is very beneficial for the environment, for the population, and for the vehicle as well. It measures the level of toxic gasses produced by the vehicles on the road. The test will determine whether the level does not exceed the defined limits. Otherwise, the emitted substance will be very dangerous and harmful to human beings as well as to earth. The tests also help to lower the pollutants that a certain vehicle releases and can help improve the air quality in the environment. The emission test has repeatable and comparable measurements of exhaust emissions for different engines and vehicles. The test is done in cycle which can specify a set of very specific conditions that the engine is operating at. Thus, the emission test can really determine the amount of pollutant that a certain vehicle is releasing.

With emission tests, you will be able to control or reduce the amount of hazardous materials coming out of your car so it won’t harm you and the people around you, Mother Earth, or even your vehicle. Did you know that having an emission test will increase the lifespan of your vehicle? A car’s engine that produces less harmful combustions will run more efficiently and safer.

If you have not brought your vehicle for an emissions test, make sure to get it tested to ensure that it does not produce harmful materials that can affect the environment and the health of many people. If your vehicle fails the test, you can just bring it to your favorite auto shop to check and fix the issue before you can try the test again.