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Car Fluid

The Different Types of Fluids Your Car Needs

Cars are essential to facilitate movement from one point to another. Though many people own cars, they lack the knowledge of the vital fluids that a car requires and their importance towards a better driving experience and safety. Here is a list of essential car fluids where they are used.

  • Coolants

When a car runs, its engine produces a lot of heat which can damage the engine by causing wear and tear if it’s not kept under control. For this reason, vehicles have a cooling system, which circulates coolant (a mixture of water and antifreeze) through the engine to keep it at optimum temperature. The coolants, however, tend to get less effective as they are used over time or if the levels go low, causing excessive heating. To avoid this problem, it is advisable to regularly monitor the coolant levels and the engine temperature, mainly through the infotainment panel of the car. 

  • Engine Oil

Engine oil is an essential fluid that is a lubricant for the engine. Over time, engine oil becomes lighter and less effective at lubricating your car’s engine parts. This results in increased wear and tear on your engine and, in the long run, causes engine failure. Servicing your car after the recommended travel miles is the solution to ensure that your car runs effectively and protects your engine. Visiting an accredited service center ensures you only use the right product for your engine.

  • Power Steering Fluid

Power steering makes the driving experience easy and fun. However, for this to happen, it is facilitated by power steering fluid which makes pistons and shafts move with little to no effort. If your car runs low on steering fluid, the steering will feel like fighting making it a complex and dangerous ride. 

  • Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is perhaps the most essential fluid for any car. Without brake fluid, your car would be unable to stop, making it a hazard to drive. Checking the brake fluids is a precautionary measure each motorist must take before embarking on any journey.

  • Transmission Fluid

If you notice some difficulty in your transmission or probably something weird in your transmission system, the first thing you should inspect is the transmission fluid. Visit Michigan Auto and Tire Center, where you can get an inspection and the problem fixed.

  • Windshield Wiper Fluid

Many might not consider this fluid important. However, every motorist needs clear visibility, making this fluid a necessity. At any time, one may experience a dirty windscreen due to dust or other climatic conditions.

Understanding your car needs and when to attend to each is critical knowledge every motorist should have. In addition to knowledge, a reliable service center like Michigan Auto & Tire is an added advantage.

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