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Maintaining Brakes, Steering, And Suspension

Your vehicle’s brakes, steering, and suspension systems work together to help supply a smooth, comfortable ride. If problems arise with any of these mechanical components, the others will eventually also sustain damage. This brief blog offers some helpful tips about warning signs that alert you to possible developing maintenance and repair issues. Consider asking a qualified auto mechanic to look over your vehicle if you notice any of these malfunctions:

1. The Vehicle Does Not Respond as Quickly to The Brakes

You should not have to press hard on the brake to cause the vehicle to stop. If brakes appear less responsive than usual, consider seeking a brake inspection as soon as possible. Quick action might prevent brake pad damage in some situations.

2. Brakes Make Unusual Noises

Screeching brakes in older vehicles sometimes indicate heavy wear on the brake pad. Continuing to drive with this problem causes braking system damage. Brake failures may occur eventually.

3. Brakes No Longer Operate Smoothly

Does your vehicle shudder to a stop? Or do the brakes resist at points as you push down the foot pedal? These warning signs indicate possible damage.

4. The Vehicle Automatically Veers Slightly While Driving

Veering automatically towards one side or the other along the road indicates problems. You should enjoy the capability to steer in a straight line effortlessly. Suspect steering column, suspension, or tire issues.

5. Fluid Leaks From The Struts

Dripping fluid beneath the vehicle sometimes denotes a developing suspension and alignment problem. Automobiles today utilize many different types of fluids. Check into this issue to help prevent further damage.

6. You Notice Rough, Bouncy Roadway Travel

A choppy, uncomfortable ride often indicates the need for suspension system repair services. If you notice every bump along the road, your vehicle’s suspension system likely requires repair attention. This situation will deteriorate unless corrected.

7. The Steering Column Appears Unusually Tight

Does the steering wheel resist turns? Sometimes an unusually rigid wheel indicates an alignment issue. A skilled mechanic should check over the vehicle.

8. Uneven Tire Treads And Frequent Tire Problems

If the tires wear out much faster than usual, the vehicle may have sustained an alignment problem. A damaged suspension system also impacts automotive balance and causes the treads on one side to wear out faster. If balancing and rotating the tires still won’t correct the problem, it may prove helpful to ask a mechanic to check the suspension and alignment.

Further Information

Does your vehicle requires brake, steering, or suspension maintenance or repair services in the Hanover, Severn, or Columbia areas? Michigan Auto and Tire offers skilled repairs. We also perform Maryland state auto inspections. Visit us at 7761 Waterloo Road in Jessup. Or request a service appointment by calling (703) 580-0333. We’d like to help you maintain your vehicles in excellent driving condition!