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Five Odd Vehicle Engine Sounds

Unusual Sounds and Vehicle Safety

If you’re a responsible driver, then you need to do everything you can to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape at all times. That means that you have to consistently concentrate on any and all bizarre car noises. If you want to stay on top of vehicle engine issues for the longevity of your vehicle, then you need to be aware of these five potentially problematic sounds.

1. Knocking

If your engine is giving off a sound that’s reminiscent of knocking, then you need to investigate the situation further, period. A knocking sound that’s redolent of metal may suggest oil amounts that are insufficient. It can occasionally suggest pressure dilemmas, too. It can even sometimes suggest oil pump woes. If you pick up on a strange engine noise that reminds you of knocking in any way, then you need to take action immediately to prevent damage.

2. Clinking or Snapping

Clinking or snapping noises can denote major engine dilemmas. If you hear clinking or snapping any time you attempt to go faster, then you need to take charge of things right away. If you hear clinking or snapping any time you attempt to ascend on the road, then you need to look into things A.S.A.P. These sounds in many cases point to significant engine combustion troubles. There are a range of things that can bring on these kinds of troubles as well. Insufficient amounts of octane fuel can bring them on. The same thing applies to problematic knock sensors and even the accumulation of combustion chamber carbon.

3. Whistling

Does your engine give off a whistling sound any time you’re in motion? If it does, then you need to do something about it. It’s also critical to concentrate on whistling once you turn your engine off. Whistling noises can in many cases suggest coolant leakage. They can often even suggest the possibility of immoderate heating. People who suspect that their vehicles are in the middle of overheating need to cease driving without any hesitation whatsoever. Overheating has the ability to harm engines considerably, after all.

4. Booming

If you pick up on a strange booming sound from below the rear, then you need to look into the matter rapidly. Booming noises often denote manifold leakage. They often denote manifold splits, too. Booming sounds, in short, are the result of immoderate engine sounds that mufflers generally do away with fully. Exhaust system issues can lead to all sorts of engine noises.

5. Whining

If you detect odd whining noises any time you get your engine ready, then something may be amiss. These noises may suggest a battery that doesn’t have much power remaining at all. If your battery isn’t able to accommodate your engine, then peculiar sounds may come into play. Call the welcoming team at Michigan Auto and Tire in Hanover, Maryland as soon as possible to find out more about all kinds of engine sounds. Our talented and assiduous team members can take care of all of your engine service requirements.