Car CO2 Emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) occurs in the atmosphere naturally. It is produced when dead animals and organisms decompose. It is also an important part of the plant’s photosynthesis. However, CO2 becomes a threat when its level increases in the atmosphere. According to the EPA in 2017, transportation was the largest contributor to greenhouse emissions in the […]

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Why Does My Car Shake?

It is normal for our car to slightly shake when you are turning the engine on. Then a smooth riding experience should follow after it. However, if the shaking continues and becomes even more noticeable like you are on a roller coaster ride, then this is a different case. It could be a warning sign […]

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What is CVT Transmission?

What is CVT Transmission, How it Works – Pros and Cons There are so many vehicle-related terms that only car enthusiasts can understand. However, if you are planning to shop for a new car, then it is important to learn about these terms as it can help you find the best car for your needs. […]

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