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7 Ways To Prepare Your Car For The Spring

Winter is ending and you can already see the beautiful flowers blooming or the sound of the waves crashing at the shore at your favorite vacation place. If you are all prepared for the spring, then it is time to make sure that car is also in its best shape for the season filled with long drives and vacations. Here are seven car care tips you must do to make sure your vehicle is ready for the spring.

1. Wash your vehicle
Spring cleaning is important after the winter season ends; and this applies to your car too. Spring washing your car will not just improve its physical appearance, but it will also prevent rust from building up by removing road salt and other harmful elements that have accumulated over the winter season. And don’t forget to include the interior of your vehicle. Remove the floor and seat covers and vacuum it thoroughly.

2. Align your tires
Your car’s tires are some of the parts that took a lot of beating from the harsh winter condition. Even if the tires you are using are safe for all types of weather conditions, it still pays to have your tires checked by a professional for proper alignment and rotation. Make sure that the tire pressure meets the recommended level. Aside from ensuring a safe and smooth driving experience, it will also save you money on gas.

3.Check your car’s battery
Your car’s battery works twice as hard during the winter season. The last thing you would want is to spoil your spring break because your car died out in the middle of the road due to a drained battery. If your car’s battery has been installed for more than 4 years already, then the more reason to have the battery inspected.

4. Fill the car’s fluids
Another thing you must do after the winter season is to check your car’s fluids and have them replaced and topped off. Keep your engine oil full to make sure that your car’s parts are working properly and maintain its good condition. Check the brake fluid too and make sure that it has enough fluid especially if you are planning for a long drive.

5. Replace your wiper blades
Your windshield wipers may have worn out from the wintertime’s snow, ice, and sludge. Even if your wiper appears OK, it is important to have it checked and replaced if needed for the coming spring rain. One sign of a worn-out wiper blade is when it makes a squeaking sound as it wipes on your windshield.

6. Look under the hood
Another place that you should not neglect when preparing your car for the spring is under the hood. You can examine the area on your own and see for any abnormalities. However, it would be better to bring your car to a licensed car maintenance provider as they have the expertise in identifying possible issues in your car and the best ways to deal with them.

7. Revisit your car’s insurance policy
It is always smart to examine your car’s insurance policy every now and then — regardless if you are planning to bring your car for a vacation or just the usual driving around your area. Since it wouldn’t be impossible to encounter stray animals on the road, you may like to reevaluate your policy and add a more comprehensive coverage.