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    What is a State Vehicle Inspection?

    State vehicle inspections are required annual inspections of vehicles in order to guarantee their safety. Inspections are necessary to make sure that every aspect of your vehicle is working how it should and is not a danger to yourself, your loved ones, and anyone else that may come in contact with your vehicle. If anything is amiss with your vehicle, inspectors can catch the issue early so that you can get it fixed before it creates a larger problem.

    Inspection Checklist

    When you bring your vehicle into a shop or a garage for a state inspection, they test your vehicle in a variety of ways to ensure its overall safety. Some of the ways in which your vehicle is tested include:

    • Checking your tire tread- Inspectors will make sure that your tire tread isn’t too low or needs to be replaced. They can also determine the alignment of your vehicle based on the tread of your tires.
    • Checking the lights- Every light on your vehicle will be tested to make sure that they work and don’t need replacing.
    • Checking for any dashboard warning lights- If there are any lit-up dashboard alerts, an inspector will take note of them. Not all warning light alerts will be fixed during an inspection, however, you will be notified about other issues that may need to be attended to.
    • Listening for unusual noises- During your inspection, inspectors will start your vehicle and check different elements including your brakes, heating and cooling systems, and air pollution control system, among others, to make sure that they aren’t making odd noises.
    • Checking your mirrors- Inspectors will make sure that you have all mirrors around your vehicle and that none of them or cracked or missing.
    • Checking your windshield- Your defroster, windshield wipers, and windshield stickers will be looked at to make sure everything is working properly. Inspectors will also ensure that your windshield isn’t cracked or needs to be replaced.
    • Checking your horn- Lastly, they will check your horn to make sure that the sound is loud and not muffled.

    If you have any other pressing concerns with the condition of your vehicle, you may bring it up to your inspector. Otherwise, if there is an issue, whether known to you or not, they will address it with you.

    What We Offer

    Our expert inspectors offer a close and careful inspection of your vehicle to ensure its overall safety. We make sure to closely monitor the function of your vehicle and make sure to take note of anything that stands out to us. Our goal is to provide confidence in your vehicle and keep you and all those on the road safe.

    Contact Us

    If you need to schedule your Virginia state inspection, contact Michigan Auto & Tire. Our experts will take great care of your vehicle and ensure that it is secure and in its best condition. You can call us at 703-580-0333 or message us here.