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5 Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

Your car’s AC is an essential part of your vehicle as it affects your riding experience on a hot day. Being stuck in the middle of traffic on a hot summer day without an AC can be frustrating and stressful. Not to mention that it can put you at a high risk of heatstroke. And like other features of your car, your AC can also experience issues that may result in a costly repair if left unattended. To prevent this from happening, Michigan Auto prepared the five most common car air conditioning problems to look out for. AC is not cooling

And air conditioning that is not cooling is one of the most common problems that you may encounter with a car’s AC. There are a lot of causes for this problem. A leaking refrigerant could cause it. Check your car’s AC if there is moisture or a pool of water in the floorboards. Another reason could be that of a defective cooling fan, which is followed by hot air emitted from the AC. When dust and other debris accumulate in your AC, it can blow up fuses and damage your cooling fan causing it to release hot air. Other reasons could be a low refrigerant level, broken condenser, or a damaged compressor.

No air coming out of the vents

A professional technician should inspect an AC unit with no air coming out of its vent. There is no clear cause of this problem. Your technician will check the wires and other technicalities of the unit as there might be a blown fuse or a bad relay. If the problem isn’t coming from the fuse, then it might be from the blower motor. The blower motor works like a fan and is responsible for pushing the air through the vents. If it breaks or malfunctions, then it’s more likely that the air coming out of the vent will be compromised.

Bad odor from the AC

AC blowing out foul air is the last thing we would like to experience on a ride. The foul smell is caused by the bacteria and other microorganisms that have accumulated when the unit is not used during winter. This issue should be dealt with right away as it will cause you “sick car syndrome” and may even trigger your allergies. A good cleaning and flushing by your car technician should do the trick.

Noise coming from the AC

Sometimes we hear a slight noise coming from our car’s AC, and that is normal. However, if you start hearing sounds that weren’t there before, there could be an indication that there are issues inside the unit. Check your AC for debris that may have blocked the airways causing the unusual sound. If there are no items that may be blocking the unit, then have it checked with a technician to determine what causes the noise.

Leaking AC

An AC unit that is in excellent condition should have no fluid dripping from it. If you notice that fluids are coming out of your AC, inspect if a leaking refrigerant causes it. This problem will not just harm the environment but also damage your car’s engine.