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Car Suspension

4 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

A car suspension is a system that includes the tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect a vehicle to its wheels. Its main job is to maximize the friction between the tires and the road’s surface, absorbing and regulating the shock brought on by driving on uneven terrain. Thus, smoothing out the ride and allowing the car to be in control. 

Although your car has its suspension to help make the riding experience smooth and comfortable, it isn’t immune to rough roads and potholes. Eventually, your car’s suspension will take a toll and will begin to deteriorate. Here are the top 4 signs that your car’s suspension is in need of repair.

  • A bumpy ride

One of the most common signs of a car suspension problem is when your ride is too bumpy. Car suspension is supposed to give you a smooth driving experience. However, when the suspension system is having problems, the driving experience will be affected so that even a small pothole will become challenging. A bouncy ride can be caused by a problem in the piston-cylinder assembly or worn-out shocks and struts. Neglecting this issue will only make the car’s performance deteriorate until it’s hard to keep the vehicle in control. 

  • The car sits lower on one side

If you notice that your car is sitting lower on one side when parked, then it could be caused by a damaged spring which is part of the suspension system. Apart from this dipping on one side, you will also notice a clanking or a squeaky sound every time you pass by a pothole or you turn a corner. It is important to address a damaged spring immediately because it can’t support the car’s weight anymore.

  • Steering difficulty

Did you feel like you need to hold on tighter to your steering wheel when driving at low speed because the car seems to drift in either direction? Another indicator that your car suspension needs to be repaired is when you experience difficulty steering your car at low speeds. Your car’s steering and suspension rely on each other in order for you to comfortably steer the vehicle. When you start to notice this issue in your car, it is best to schedule an appointment for suspension repair with your trusted mechanic.

  • Failing the bounce test

You may have heard of the bouncy test before. It is a test to determine if your car’s suspension is indeed starting to fail. To perform this test, push on the hood of your car, or its trunk, to make it bounce. The bouncing should eventually stop once you stop pushing. However, if your vehicle continues to bounce more than 4 rotations, then there must be something wrong with the shocks or struts of your suspension system.

A car suspension problem should be checked by a professional mechanic right away. It doesn’t just make your riding experience uncomfortable, but it also puts you and your passengers in danger. 

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